And the Helicopter Took-off

I don’t prefer to say good bye. Because no ending is good or happy.
Today I went to Airport; one of my best friend was going back to USA and he is not going to come back that’s for sure. After coming back to home; I was feeling so hard. Sorrow just covered my Mind.
Still from Kakariya lake:) 
We all are together since High School. Though he left India after his 12th but we has such a strong bonding that we never felt distance. On 16th January, he came back to India after 6 years & than I realize the power of that bonding. We had amazing time, fun meetings & all stuff which I was missing from last some months. Yeah I forgot to write a blog about our fun @Manekchawk & other places but there was not enough time as he was around.

He is going back I am definitely gonna miss him but yeah the memories last forever.

Today @ 10:33 PM I got a sms as Helicopter took off from Ahmedabad international airport. Damn, I gonna miss him.