inPulse - A Smart Watch

Now a days if you look at teenagers' hand you will find that there is no wristwatch in their hand. They simply dont carry a gadget which only use for 1 purpose. In fact, the wristwatch is so alien to this group of late teens, that even the mere action of pointing to a wrist to ask someone the time is akin to speaking an unfamiliar foreign language. (They use mobile phones and laptops to tell the time.)  

Is it a time of Wristwatch's retirement?

 Some of the companies dont think so...

One company has made a watch, TIKTOK with Appe's iPod nano in it.  
Another watch  is inPulse, which acts more like a computer than a timepiece. This device is different because its creators hope programmers and developers will “hack” the watch, creating new applications  or uses for it.

The Company Alletra is developing these things. Some people are using it (in house for test or improvement). It's one application provides control to iTune Music and another is extension of Blackberry Mobiles & shows alerts.

Electronics goes smarter. Smart Computers than Smart Phones & now smarts watches....