Lost Season 1 Episode 20

Its just like a journey that not seems to be ending soon. I am at end of Episode 20 & having very heavy feeling.
How a man can handle dual and just opposite feelings at same time?
Now I cant write all the things as I have to get back to episode 21, I am just sharing some of the important things.

At 1 side Miss Claire a pregnant teenage had a labor pain & some body has to help her in delivery but Doc Jack couldn't come as he was busy with Boone's operation as he met with an accident & having a bad internal bleeding.

Claire gave a birth to a boy where Boone gave up. Two side of feelings in the camp. People happy & welcoming new member of the camp as they are also preparing 4 the funeral of Boone.

And now jack is after Mr. Locke ( John Locke is a mysterious man and also 1 of the strongest in camp).

Lets get back to Show now...
I am going to LOST :)