Lost Season 2 at Glance

Too many things in this guys...
lets go 1 by1...
Some new entrant...

Mr. Hanry (fake name)
In last season it shows that he is the leader of other's group
Alex, daughter of French lady, had some of the scenes of her. But I feel there must me something more about her in season 3.
Ana Lucia Cortez
X Police officer, also head the second group of survivor.
After new entrant here is d list of people who died...
Killed by Micheal why try help Mr Henry to escap from prison of hatch.
Libby, she was in second group of survivals. she also killed by Micheal after Ana-Lucia

Some of the story pics...
Mysterious Hatch  
here they go into that hatch.. which is experimental chamber by Dharma Initiatives. in that 1 comp is der in which after every 108 min u need to enter a Code. if u can't system will failed and that lead to the electro-magnetic  shocks.
Jack & Kate, who were following the trails of Micheal (who just left the camp to find his son), surrounded by others.
The others who make Jack, Sawyor & Kate hostages & let Herly go back to survival's camp & spread the message.

So End of the story,
John was wrong by not entering code into system.
System Failed & Electro-Magnetic wave released.
Kate, Jack & Sawyor are in others cage.
Now Camp has no direction.

Its going to be exciting to watch as some new characters need to come into story..
Now, I am going back to watch Season 3...