My Farewell Party Oops not a Party A Farewell Disc

I wrote this blog yesterday @ night but  posting it right now. Enjoy the reading...
Time:  12:30 AM
Date: 27 Feb

I just came from my farewell. So called Farewell but I can say it was disco nothing better than that. This was a typical Party managed by Indian way. How can I say that? We all know, we Indians are good at crisis management. The party was arranged in very short period that there was not any better option for juniors than Disc. They lack in monetary support from our college and that created financial problem for people who were managing this event. (Typical Indian management, who doesn't want to spend money on activities which are not directly related to returns.) Okay that is for management & arrangement.
                Now let me talk about party (I mean Disc). Time was 6 o’ clock. If we take IST (Indian Stretchable Time) into consideration, 7 o’ clock can be the time when party should be started. According to that I reached there @ quarter to 7. Hardly 5 persons were there at Disc and after waiting for 60 min the real party started. 

The best part about the Party was the anchoring of Prof Vastal Shah and I got “Striker” award (surprisingly!). After that Summer of 69 song sung by junior Selin.

                 As soon as the song completes, DJ started his playlist. FYI - The standards of Ahmedabad disc are not more than a band-bajas. So called DJ was learning that DJ tool (I guess). So that made music to loud. I notice some points which are:
1st thing there was not a tall disco Songs. 
2nd there were no Sync between 2 songs. 

I think those songs were like Munni, Y.P.D. title track, Kala Kaua of the Barat Song. Those songs use by Band Baja  in barat to cheer a crowd, which doesn't have a music taste. Any song comes after any song, not at all bit mapping. I strongly recommend that DJ to listen at least 5 DJ records of USA's or UK’s DJs. Bad bits, bad songs, bad sound system & at last very bad light sync. Totally bad DJ. 

Another thing is that I was not into the Disc mood, so very bad party, at least for me. I felt suffocation, so went out, tried to chill out at Hukka Bar. But even a smoke of Hukka was not helping me.

At last, the only good thing happened was that I had a good dinner with my friends.

                 I just hope I get better Party (I said party not a Disc) next time. With that hope I am signing off. Keep Reading & Keep Posting.