Qwiki knows Millions of things :) :)


Qwiki Knows Millions Things 

Its a Qwiki alpha... & you know what, 
Qwiki knows Miliions of things.
Just go to website & type name of your favorite place or person . Qwiki will tell you much more about it.

Mr. Saverin who is the investor of FB is invested in Qwiki. This how I came to know about the this site. I tried & wrote the Ahmedabad & Qwiki tell me so many things about it. 
Its amazing way to show the informations. Too good.
Excellent work & has Mr. Saverin said 
"I am in a situation today where I can do what I love,  which is help other entrepreneurs, Facebook has been a big thing and will be a big thing. Qwiki is early stage, but they are on the path to be a game changer."

It's fun guys...
Just write "Facebook" or "Ahmedabad" & have Fun...