Why FB is one of the best Social Networking site.

Facebook most growing Social Network. As I mentioned in my last blog that in 2010 every second there was average of 7.8 user registration. Today I am gonna talk about the user friendly feature of the FB.
When ever I open the FB, I get some suggestion for friend, we all get that. When I clicked on see all option, that led me to the window (Below image is the sceenshot of that window).
This image is the print screen image. I took & share with purpose of knowledge-sharing.
Now, look in to snap, they means FB gave me list of  around 36 suggested friend.
Here are some stats:

  • Out of 36, 33 are females. As I am male & I put it in ma Profile & I also said I am interested in Females FB provide me Female profile top of the list to prompt me get connected.
  • Out of 36, 15 are unknown to me. Means I & that person dont have a single mutual friend. That means we dont have any connection. All these profile are having more than 1000 friends. Must be fake or too much famous on FB.
So here they are prompting me by providing my interesting stuff & By doing that what they get? Usage. They get usage of site. That they can share this usage data with their advertising agency to get more ads.

Other stuff are one in the left hand side of the snap. Just look at the snap in a full screen or zoom in it. Now they provide me the various filters. If I want my school friends I need to click on my school name's check box. They also provides multiple choices.
So there can be the search like a person whose school as same as mine & also added my employer as his employer and & his current location must me mine. What I need to do is keep clicking on the check boxes.

Easy stuff ha?
As being a narmal user we dnt need to think about how this stuff is working. But being a technical guy we all know is all about puting up SQL queries, rit? Searches works on SQL queries.
Than what is making difference here? The G.U.I.- Graphical User Interface. GUI makes it easy.
This is one of the reason why FB is widely accepted by People? And why most of the youngsters are liking it?

This one reason...

So enjoy the FB experience & Post your comment if u like to add some thing or correct me.