Zor Ka Jhatka - Another Indianized version of foreign TV show, Takeshi's Castle....

 Takeshis's Castle, the Japanese successful game show has its own reputation as game show all over the world.
In India it telecasts on POGO channel. 
It has arround 100 contestants and each one has to pass through some rounds of test(games). All the games are physical challenges. Passed contestants qualified for further round & this how they filter the contestants. 

In India it was telecast in the voice of Javed Jaffrey, he mad the show more interesting & humorous. The game's difficulty level was high too. 

Now the new show started on Imagine TV channel anchored by Shahrukh Khan Zor Ka Jhatka. It is  same as the Takeshi's Castle but indinized version.

The games are easy. Only celebrities are taking part. Not so good Commentary of Shahrukh Khan(I am sorry but compare to Javed Jaffrey he is not a tall good commenter).

Its more as a Shahrukh's show than a game show, everything has Shahrukh center & not the fun of game. The stardom is used to get TRP. Bad idea.

It's seems that The idea of show is Stolen from the Takeshi's Castle.As our Film directors inspire from Hollywood films now our TV show also are taking inspirations from others shows.
Where the new idea generator machine is? I guess because of brain drain all the mind who can thing are working for other nations.  From Indian Idiol to India Got Talent kinda talent hunts, from KBC to Zor Ka Jhatka kinda game show and Bigboss type of reality shows every thing is indianized version of some foreign TV show.
Hope soon some new TV show comes up with new idea by Indian mind which also gives high level of entertainment.