LOST Gonna be lost from now...

I just completed last episode of Lost Season 6, and with that I completed the whole Story. I started it on 29th Jan 2011 with its 1st episode of season 1. Within 32 days I completed all 119 Episodes. That is with  average of 3.7 episode per day.
Oh! Boy, what a season it was? Simply best. A best suspense, thriller, friction and drama series I ever watched. I just can’t say anything better than that.
My journey with LOST was undoubted exciting. Had a too much attachment to those best 13 characters of Lost.
I am feeling so good that most awaited episode of 6th season last episode, has come. But, Some where inside I am feeling sad because now I don’t have anything to watch, no more excitement, no more LOST. :(

At the end I just wanna thank Parth, my best buddy, who gave me this whole series. Thanks buddy J.

And now this LOST is gonna be lost forever J & yeah I do have replacement (not 100% replacement but I can say a substitute) of the lost, I will start How I met Your Mother from season 2.

So all the characters of LOST will R.I.P. till I start the season again ;)
And that is it for now. Exams are coming (oh! I guess day after tomorrow is the day of exam). Need to do reading (absolutely! I am talking about books not a blogs).

 I am Zee signing off. "See u in another Life brother." (This is one of the my favorite dialogue in Lost) .

Keep Reading & Keep Posting J