Postmortem of Indian Cricket Team's Performance

As I already talked in my blog post about Indian cricket team’s approach in game, today we lost the game just because of it.
And the surprise was the greatest and strongest batting line-up just fell like a castle of sand. I mean it's ok we don’t have great bowlers, but we do have Batsmen. Where d hell they were?
Batting power-play suppose to be most high scored overs. In those 5 overs there should be at least 8 run per over. But here comes the Indian team the great team of hard hitter & technical batsmen who lost 4 wickets and scored jjust 5.5 runs/over. WTH is it. From last 2 matches the great batting line-up even can’t play full 50 overs. Disaster!
I don’t know why Virat Kohli came at or pushed to play at position 7. He is a good mid-batsman. He is not a hard hitter. Let he pay at no. 4-5.
Any ways, match was little bit boring at middle but over all exciting. 
I just hope next time Raina, Shreesanth & Ashwin get chance where Yusuf, Nehra & Munaf do a little more net practice.
No doubt that this loss is not gonna matter as we are still at top of the the Group B's table. But only statistics don’t bring World Cup, but performance do.
Lets see how Mr. Coach & our Captain fix these matter...