Remove System Tool Malware

These days in FB chat is flooding with some link like... "OMG! That girl's Boy friend committed suicide after watching this http:/ "
If you get this kind of msg on fb or chat on fb do not open the link. It is a spam as well as bug. 
Approx 2 months ago I got same kind of link & that link wated to me a download smthing which I downloaded & that was malware...
It starts its work by showing some windows like follow:

Then it shows alerts like...

It also shown me the following window...
It changes the wallpaper to...

It says that you need to download System Tool from internet to save your computer. If u try to restart your PC it will not help you, Same thing will happen again & again. If you try to find the online solution of it, you will get so many idiotic solution where they say that you need to download some malware remover or something like that.

All of these bogus ways of downloading software to delete these files is RIDICULOUS!

May be u think to formate ur windows drive which will cure ur PC but here are some very easy steps to remove those malwares from your PC.
  1.  Boot your computer into Safe Mode (with or without networking) to do that press F8 at time of starting your PC 
  2.  Once in Safe Mode, click Start.
  3.  Click “Run” and type msconfig.
  4.  Move to the Start-Up Tab and locate the four numerical (eg. 71236892) processes that run on start up. Uncheck their boxes. Blose MSConfig, but do not restart.
  5.  Click Start > My Computer > C:Local Disk > Users > usernamehere > Applications&Data > numerical (eg. 71236892). Shift + Delete them.
  6. you also need to delete the registry for that... write regedit in run. than find following... 
  7. Registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Run,
  8. Entry was listed as “Sniffer” and executed C:\Windows\Temp\_ex-08.exe , right click it & delete it.
  9.  Restart your now virus-free computer.

Have safe surfing...
Keep posting keep reading :)