This one is for you Indian TV Serial Producers

As in previous post I discussed about Indianised versions of the famous International TV reality shows, Today I have come up with some of the Serials which  Indian TV Producers should imitate. As I already realize that these guys are good at copying stuff rather than experimenting with new Ideas.
So here is the list of international famous TV shows which Indian TV serial producers should imitate:
1.       Baywatch:
First serial is Baywatch. It is one of the most famous serial till date. Best beach scenes, famous characters and strong story base make it most popular TV show of its time. I guess Indian youngster will like this concept again as specially an Indianized Baywatch. I would like to see the casting of the characters.
2.       Friends:
“Friends” is still a famous story of 6 friends living together and enjoy together. Though Channel V tried to make a TV show “Roomies” like friends but the story line is little bit different. Roomies is the story of college mates living together were as in Friends working professionals. It will be challenge for the Indian producers to make a show like “Friends” that will be go Hit on TV.

3.       Dexter:
It is a story of a serial killer. Too much excitement, suspense & thriller. This would a b good story to watch if any one dare to Indianize it.
4.       How I met your Mother:
Dad is telling a story to his children that how he met their mother. Story is similar like friends but more humorous. Another comedy show that makes life easy. I am happy to watch Indianized version of it.
5.       Heroes:
Friction story of people who finds supernatural powers within them & that changed their lives. How they do it and all will be loved by Indian TV viewers.
6.       Lost:
It is a story of survivors of plane crash on mysterious island. This show has lots of followers across the world. For more info for this show find the lost label in categories list. J

These all shows are famous and have their own marks on their viewers.
I would like to watch their indianized casting, story and  direction.
As nowadays all the TV shows are based on “Saas-Bahu” drama or any other damn family dramas. Fed up of watching those stuffs. If we talk about reality show , they all are just imitated from other foreign famous shows.  So, I am here recommended some shows which our Indian Producers should make. At least it will be fun to watch them all in Indianized way.