RockStar - Review.

After a long time I got a chance to watch Rockstar. I have heard so much about it. Most of them were negative. But still I was wanted to watch it. I watched it. I will never regret this.

"It just can not be better than this."

Whole movie was damn good. I heard that people don't like it and I also know why they don't. But about that we will talk later.

About Story:
Lovestory, but this one is little Hatke (different). Ranbir is only 1 who can justify this kinda role.(Arjun Rampal may do better than this but who want him to act.). Surprisingly casting of new girl against Ranbir but I guess that is what story is all about.( I guess They don't want to give more importance to female's role or they don't want to give more focus on that.) Anyways Nargis did OK, kinda Chalta Hai type acting. A R Rehman's music and Mohit Chauhan's voice have already created magic. That magic you can feel in movie too.

The Script is also damn good. But in movie; story is not going straight. It is jumping from one occasion to another. Fillers comes after sometimes and make movie in-flow. This why people can't understand the movie and that why most of them don't like it. But, some story viewers like it who can relate the stories very well. Also all things are not clear in movie, one needs to turn on his mind and imagine rest of part. That makes this story a bit different and difficult to understand.

Some Positive Points:

1. Ranbir's Acting:

Angry and arrogant singer. A true lover. He gave 100% justice to the character JJ / Jordan. Nice dialogue-delivery and expression. He really tried hard to perform this character. And that seems too. Good going Ranbir.

2. Love Chemistry between Ranbir and Nargis:

These pictures speaks better. Together they look amazing. great chemistry. And love always works.

3. A R Rehman's Awesome Music: 

Kun FayaKun and Nadan Parindey Soundtracks and whole music is rocking. The background of base-guitar in movie feels good. He made this movie works.

4. Mohit Chauhan's Voice:
A old dream of being Rockstar of Mohit comes true. Ok, he is not Rockstar but he sung almost all songs. From 1st song Duba Duba Rehta Hu of him from Silk Routes album, he had a dream of becoming rockstar. Now atleast that comes true..

5. A little different Love Story:
A love story with seriousness. What ever they did, they did together. Love each other and that is the best. Not some idiotic silly love story where only magic happens.

6. More sensible casting:
  • Ranbir Kapoor as Janardhan Jakhar / Jordan / JJ
  • Nargis Fakhri as Heer Kaul
  • Shammi Kapoor as Ustad Jameel Khan
  • Aditi Rao Hydari as Sheena
  • Moufid Aziz as Nargis Fakhri's husband
  • Kumud Mishra as Khatana
  • Piyush Mishra as Dhingra
  • Shernaz Patel as Neena Kaul
Shernaz Patel and Aditi Reo are to different but strong actor. Shammi Kappor is like guest appearance but it is nice to watch him act. 

This is it. A great movie to watch. 
Ranking: 4/5

At end finishing with my favorite dialogue:

"Tu list bana. Jitne bi yeh kide hai na, Ma kasamm Saadi se pehle saare maar daalenge..."  - JJ/Jordan.