New Arrivals on BookShelf

Today went to Crossword to find out the new arrivals. *Yes it is "Crossword" not "Crossworld"! Thanks Chandani for correcting me*. 
Reviewed new arrival and nothing looked good so I passed the New arrival section then Management section and Technology section.Took a big round, nothing attracted me *accept 3 kids playing and fighting with each other*. Finally stopped at Best Seller section and my search ended.

I spent some time there and read the Preface of some of the books. Reviewed almost 10 books and finalized 5 books. Just adjust them on my bookshelf.
So here is some info about them:

1) Can Love Happen Twice by Ravinder Singh.
Ravinder Singh the writer of I Too Had A Love Story. This story seems to be continuation of the last novel "I Too Had A Love Story" which was based on his real life story and his Beloved fiancée "Khushi" who died 5 days before their engagement was about to happen. Sounds Excited, nbut in preface he shared that this the story for his readers. and not a really a true story. 

2) P.I.G.S. -  by Anish Sadanandan.
Name stands for  Poor Indian Graduate Students,  sift naam hi kaafi hai! I liked the name and a introduction was good and full of humor. Read some pages and I like to know how the story moves ahead.   

3) The Average Indian Male by Cyrus Broacha
Cyrus Broacha is known as the funny man and and this book is a funny book too. 'The Average Indian Male' is funny and sounds good so I pushed it into cart.

4) The Perfect World by Priya Kumar
If you haven't noticed, let me tell you I've decided to buy some good books of Indian authors only. This books has interesting writing. Hardly read 3-4 pages so really don't know the real story. But those 3 pages  were enough to make decision to buy it. 

5) The Best of Me - Nicholas Sparks
Nicholas Sparks I have read 3 novels of Nicholas Sparks. I have read The Last Song, The Notebook and my favorite Remember Me. This author has power of involve emotions in stories. So this one "The Best of Me" is the obvious choice.  

Today gonna start nay one of these and excited to finish the story. Will write review soon. Also post my next bog on 2011 soon. 
I am signing of now. Going to watch Heroes Season 2 Episode 3. :)