Saina Nehwal - Fought all Odds

Does anyone remember her??? Oh! Yes, she is the one unfortunate girl who was struggling to survive her identity as Indian Female Representative in sports!!!
2 Year before people were recognizing her like " Oh she is Sania Nehwal something and she plays Badminton".
Yes, in India only cricket is considered as a sports. So, it is obvious that we know all cricketers and even name of their spouse and children.
After P T Usha, when I heard any other female Sports person's name in news or on TV was Sania Mirza. (Oh yes that Sania Mirza who was Tennis player. Sharing photo if you forgot her.)
She was on news for so many reasons:
1) She was a good tennis player. ( Yes she was, after getting so many ads and people's attraction, she got distracted.)
2) Her body was too much into shape.(You are not agree with it!!! Go on YouTube and write Sania Mirza. You will find your answer there. Even I am damn sure that my blog will get hits with her name as keyword more than Saina Nehwal's name.) Because of that image she got so many Advertisements. Made lots of money.
3) Our politicians were also interest in Sania Mirza. (Sonia Gandhi met her after some championship because she is Minority Community Girl. I know that she was just wanted to grab opportunity to attract Minority Community votes.)
4) She had been into controversies because of her cloths, of her affairs and at last because of her marriage.

As she left India after marrying a Pakistani person, all of sudden people  lose Indian female face in sports.
Now our unfortunate girl Saina Nehwal got a chance. Now you must be asking why unfortunate. Here are some reason:
1) She is playing badminton not cricket nor tennis. In Badminton only one name we know is Prakash Padukone.
2) People always got confused with Saina or Sania.
3) She is great player but not a model. (No offence but it is true).

So people kept ignoring her till Sania's departure.
Now a days she is being recognized by media, ad-agencies and so by common people.
Even after winning so many medals Sonia Gandhi didn't get a time to meet her. reasons. 1) Sania is not carrying a big fan-base. 2) Sania is not from minority community (I guess).

Thanks to God, Sania, who was more known for her non-sport related things, went to Pakistan and eventually Saina got a chance to be Indian Female Face for Sports. (Please don't talk about Anjum Chopra, she is not playing cricket anymore.)

Saina Nehwal's Career Record

Saina Nehwal's Career Overview:

Current year473215+17
Current year0000
CategoryDouble partnerRankPoints
Women's singles463096.5778
In 2010, she was awarded Khel Ratna.

I am happy that Saina Nehwal gets a chance to enjoy benefits which other sports persons are having in India. Like being recognized, getting advertisements and making money. Though these advertisements are not solo but at least she is getting some exposure.

Here sharing her some advertisements...

I am proud that we have a Female icon in sports like Saina Nehwal.

I hope that other female Sports-persons get chance to represent India in different different games and they make us feel proud...