Uttarayan - Kite Festival 2012

The 14th Jan is the biggest day for every Amdavadi youngster. I bet that. No, seriously for us the festival of kites is two days of enjoyment. We call 14th Jan - Uttarayan and  15th Jan Vasi-Uttarayan (post-Uttarayan). I tell you why...

First of all the enjoyments start with preparation of it. We need 2 basic things for this festival and that is Kites and Threads. We have to buy those as early as possible because as we 14th Jan come closer the rate goes high. This thread needs to get coloured. This process to get it coloured is not just easy. Book a good guy who is best at this and then also spend a 3-4 hours for the whole process is fun actually.

I bought thread – Sakal 8 – 2000 meter on Sunday, just 2 week ago of 14th Jan, to get those colourwala free to get thread colour. But, my calculation went wrong. No colourwala was free to attain my order instantly but I got appointment on 8:00PM of the same day. My cousins and me went there on time with our threads. We knew it will take around 3-4 hours so we were prepared for it. In talks of kites, threads and fights time went fast and we easy passed 2 hours. But now it is high time our threads were coloured already but it needed to be dry. It going to take 1 more hour so I went to the Lovely and took some “Annda Bhurji” as well as some boiled eggs to eat. It helped us to pass another 1 hour and our threads were ready. The time spent on road with cousins was remarkable.

Raipur Street
On the next week I went to Kite Market at Raipur for shopping the kites. Kites are big business in Ahmedabad. The preparation happens all year round and reaches the climax on the weeks before Uttarayan. Those nights, the main kite markets are open all night long. This place was so crowded that get out of that crowd without damaging your kites is the biggest challenge especially when you are not used to it.  


So now kites + thread both were set. Only 7 more day were to go. Days passed very well on job. On the 13th Jan my company threw Pre-Kite Festival party. We flew kites, had kite fights and also had fun time with co-workers which was fun too. I left office early as I had to do preparation for next day. Get home early, finished all odd works and started tying knot to kite as tying knot is the time consuming thing and I really didn’t want to spend my time on that on 14th & 15th.

Technically, the knot should be in 0-1 ratio, so that whenever you pull the thread, kite goes in to direction of its head.
Did that task till 2 o’clock of night then turn on my laptop as I wanted to finish up some more episode of Heroes. (I had no watched that from last 2 weeks. So curiosity of what happen next was on the peek.)
After watching back to back 3 episode of Heroes, I went to sleep.

On 14th Jan I planned to woke up early and get on roof before 8:30AM but I couldn’t as I slept late and I regretted that.

I woke up at 8 got ready on 9 and got on roof on 9:30. Everything was good. Nice wind, sunshine morning and sound system with playlist of awesome rocking songs. No one was there to stop me. But it last for only 4 hrs. After that, wind was gone and after trying for some time I came back to home. In launch mom made Uttarayan special “Undhiyu” and Dad bring “Jalebi”.

The evening went same with less support of wind but we had another enjoyment at evening. At evening we usually have a trend to fire the firecrackers and celebrate the evening of Uttarayan. Now a days people also fly the Chinese tukkal (lamp). The sky was full of lights of fire crackers and Chinese tukkals.

Fire Cracker Show at my place 14th Jan....

After passing some time it was time for dinner and after dinner night session for kite fight. It is amazing to fly kites at night because at night the kite fights are more fun. You can’t see the whole kite when it is in sky. One needs to concentrate a lot. 

Next day i.e. 15th Jan was a God Gifted day for us, as a wind was totally on our side. On that day flying kite was not challenge, once didn’t need to try that hard to fly a kite as wind was providing its support. That day went in shouting “lappet”, “kaapyo j chhe” and other sounds just like scream but in happiness. The fun and enjoyment increased when my parents train tickets got cancelled and my father joined me in evening on roof. I must say he is best at kite fights. He cut others kite in amazing way. Me and my brother love to watch him flying kite.

Here are some pics of 15th Jan Pic. We were preparing for Chinese Tukkal. I was good experience.

This is how I enjoyed the most enjoyable days of this year. That’s why kite flying festival is not just an ordinary festival and something more to me and also for so many young Amdavadis. :)

Last Fun on this Uttarayan. Final Salute to Chinese tukkal.

We flew kites, we shouted, we did kite fights and we lighten the sky with fire cracker and lanterns ==> This is how I celebrate this Uttarayan. 

All Fun is over and I back to my normal life having those wonderful memories in mind. I wish next this year brings more fun like this and I spend some more fun time with friends and family.