My take on Delhi Gang Rape

It been around a week to an incidence of the Gang Rape on the medical student is Delhi. 

Here I am writing my own thoughts on this. 

Many of you may find this offensive or abnormal or you will dis-agree with me and stop following my blog but I guess if you felt so, you are already not following me. 

So many people has talked, wrote, fought and protested in various places. Asked for the Capital punishment and fast track courts and lot more.

I think in reverse manner. According to me this kind of incidence should not take place in our society. We need to make this place (our nation and world) a better place to leave. This can't be done only by making a strict laws or giving capital punishments.

Right now what people are talking and fighting about is - 
  • What others need to do, 
  • How should the Police work, 
  • What should be the law, 
  • What kind of court should be there to solve these cases.
They think this will reduces the occurrences of the such incidents, it may be. But I doubt that and followings are the reasons:
  • Blaming Government: Flaws are into the system not in a 1 part of the system. Blaming only one person or department won't help and you cant change the whole system without being into the system. 
  • Make a strict laws: The nation like India where population is the big strength as well as the weakness, making only strong/strict laws will not help. We have laws, who follows them? 
  • Tough Police: Even we have very bad ratio of a policeman to no of citizens. They cant cover the all the parts or track everyone. They need some assistance from society. 
  • Capital Punishment: A death sentence will not help. According to me, that guy should live life of hell. He should get such punishment like cut his hand/leg/any other body part and let him live that life. This will make a strong example.
  • Fast-track courts: Courts will come into the picture only after the rape or similar harassment. Nothing can justify this kind of anti-social activities. What about the victim - a girl/lady who has suffered this? Can she live a respectful life after this? Will our society give her a chance for new beginning? Make such law which can ensure this. Make provisions where she can start her new life.   
I believe in any form of civilization, there are bad people and good people. It is upon the good people whether they want these bad people to restrict or let them do the bad things around them.

If we, ourselves, make good governance, help people or at least be a responsible towards the society then this kind of activities will be restricted. Only because the good people are not active (as the way they should), these bad people get the chance to make such anti-social activities. What me, you, everyone needs to do is, be more responsible and take care of our surroundings.Update police/authorities about the anti-social activities happening around you, that is our duty.

I know, we all want to be at safer side and don't want to get involved in any trouble. 

I heard a girl on TV, who said that in Noida, while coming back to home at late night, she found that a guy was harassing a young girl but she did not involve as she felt that might get into trouble.     

If you find something wrong, happening in the car standing near to your society then I am not saying that you be a hero or CID or Spy and check by yourself, but at least you can update the authorities about it. They will take care of it.   

"An Awaken citizen that what we all need to be.Be responsible, know your duty and do it. The world will be a nicer place to live."