Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani - Reviews

Predictable Story and predictable dialogues. 

Kabir Thapar (bunny) running behind his dream of visiting every corner of world. Don't care attitude with focus on career.

Naina Talwar, studious girl with top ranks, wanna be Doctor. So serious about her life.

Genuine love story, Girl loves a boy but could not tell him, they meet after some years and again love happens. This time they stays together. 

The things that you should observe in this movie is not the main characters but supporting characters. 
  • Kalki Koechlin as Aditi. Childhood friend of Bunny (Kabir Thapar). Kalki is at her best in this role. Free minded, rebel, not following rules, fearless.  
  •  Aditya Roy Kapur as Avi (Avinash). Childhood friend of Bunny. Drunker, flirt and direction less guy. He has grown a lot as actor from London Dreams, Guzarish to Aashiqui 2. Very Serious about the his role, did really good as Avi. He gonna be another Super Star.
  • Kunaal Roy Kapur as Taran. 3rd movie and that is doing Cameo. Kunaal has his own charm in comedy that we have seen in Delhi Belly and Nautanki Salla and yes, in this movie you will watch the same guy in more funny cum serious role. You will love the way he act and his performance is awesome.  

Farooq Sheikh
as Bunny's Father. Surprise package is for me. The master of acting, after a decades, is acting in movie. In a role of bit worried father of bunny. Always worrying, always supporting. 

Love to watch his acting even in this age. He is another Jewel of Bollywood whom we do not recognize. 

Some good thing about this movie, that it teaches something to us. Like Naina saying followings to Bunny: "Zindagi mein kitna bhi try kar lo, kuchh na kuchh toh chhut hi jaata hain, toh jahaan hain wahin ka maza lete hain na!"

The friendship between Avi and Bunny is another part of this movie, which is not much developed by the writer if he did, them movie makes more sense to me.

The movie has so many predictable surprises and predictable dialogues that makes it boring. Too many songs and all are not that good. 

Ranbir Kapoor with his charm, cute smile and excellent dance, creates the nice impression on viewer. He rules in whole movie. In 1st half, fun loving flirt stud bunny and in 2nd half more serious, career oriented Bunny. However, I liked both Bunny. 
But I expect little more from him. Some more different roles like Wake Up S!d. 

Deepika Padukon in her trendy cum sexy look. She acted really well. And she justifies the demand of the role in 1st half. In second half she was okay.

Some good try in story like taking the story 8 years back and then coming back to present day. That was a good one.

This one of those movie which you can watch with your friend and companion, you will enjoy a lot. But you will not watch it with family. 

One time Watch, 2.5 stars out of 5 and do not watch if you have other fun activities to do.