Ranjhanaa - Movie Review

Howmany times you have been told by elders, seniors, bosses or mentors that you should do everything but in limit!!! Well yes, that is also true, but you have to go beyond the limits to achieve something extra ordinary. 

This is a story of limitless, selfless love. This movie has redefined the "Aashiqui"(Madness in love). 

The one dialogue of Dhanush tells the whole story: "Tuhmne bhi muhje aakhir tak chu*** banaya na, Zoya. Tuhje Pyaar karna mera talent hai, isme tumra koi haath nahi. Tumhari jagah koi aur hoti to usko bhi  me itna hi tutke pyaar karta." 

'Raanjhanaa' is about a young Hindu boy in Banaras and his unwavering love for a Muslim girl who doesn't see him as anything more than a friend.  

Things that I like:

Dhanush: He looks like another ordinary guy from your neighborhood but when he starts acting, he is better than all recent actors of Bollywood. He is South Indian actor, although his Hindi is so nice and fluent. 
The dialogue delivery of his is insignificant. His pure Hindi dialogues are pleasure to listen. He justified a role of crazy lover, who has no limits in love. I truly believe he can knockout all heroes of Bollywood. Great Actor.

Swara Bhaskar: Though she has supporting role, I am sure, everyone has noticed her act in this movie. She has evolved from Radhika Talwr, a reporter (Guzaarish) to Payal Sinha (Tanu Weds Manu) to Bindia of this movie. She always leaves her impression in every movies she works with. 

Abhay Deol: Idealistic student leader. Simple and focused on goal. The Deol son shows that he can steal the show even by the side role. Perfect expression with too good dialogue delivery. Though his role is small but effective act, made it important and noticeable.

Music: A R Rehman back with his great soul love music. He really filled a love in this movie.

Overall, movie is great to watch. The humor, the pure Hindi dialogues, crazy lover, Indian Politics and a life of a young leader, you find everything interesting. 

My take on move - 4.5 star. 

"Hum yaha apna lahu bahaye aur aap waha aasu. Saali aashiqui na hue lathi charge ho gaya!!!" 

Happy Watching...