Start Over

Today when I was speaking to someone and I shared that I used to write a blog but I stopped. It is been more than 6 months, I haven't wrote any blog post.
That got me into thinking why I did that...
Later this evening I thought a lot.
Early this year, I started taking too much pressure on job. Wanted to prove myself that I can do better jobs.
I realized I have been avoiding things which I love to do. Hectic time schedules no time for personal life, hobbies. Clients, projects and meeting that's what I were looking at.
And see where I have reached work-home-work schedule, no fun, no excitement in life.
I believe I have learnt my lesson.
Tomorrow morning is gonna be new start. Start doing things I love and get rid of unimportant things...
- Quality Work
- Quality Life
A start over from posting this blog...