Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne, recently downsized employee, goes to the school for graduation, where he takes a class of Mrs. Tainot; which according to him changed his life.

The story sticks around the life of Larry Crowns who faces a problem in professional growth because he has no degree. He got downsized for the same reason. Then he decides to go back to school and completes the graduation.

The character of Larry Crowne is of decent gentleman and fully justified by Tom Hanks.

On other side, the lady teacher Mrs. Tainot, who is struggling with her marriage, is sophisticated person role played by Julia Roberts.

It is love to observe Tom Hanks flawless performance and Julia Roberts's charismatic personality. Both make a good couple on screen

Tom Hanks is my one of the favorite actors and Julia Roberts is one of the favorite actresses. When they work together for me the movie must be watched. However, I also suggest to watching this movie as you will amaze to see that even with so regular story, these two masters of an art can drive the whole movie with a flare in it.